Ms. Puppy Ms. Puppy Ms. Puppy Ms. Puppy Ms. Puppy

Ms. Puppy
Black Lab


Nobody can resist a puppy, especially not Ms. Puppy. She wiggled her way into a forever home not long after our photoshoot.

While all dogs deserve to be adopted, puppies are adopted much faster than adult and senior dogs. Adult and senior dogs bring just as much love as a puppy, but they can sometimes stay in a shelter or with a foster home for years instead of just weeks.

Why You Should Adopt an Adult or Senior Dog

The love we feel for any pet makes us feel good, but when you adopt a vulnerable adult pet, you’re helping an animal in desperate need. By focusing on the comfort, dignity, and well-being of one of these dogs instead of your own, you’ll experience the profound joy of serving others.

You’re Saving a Life

Shelters, rescues, and foster homes are filled to the brim with wonderful dogs. Help take another dog off of the street by making some room in your home. Dogs deserve to be happy, and you’ll be giving a dog the experience of love and happiness for however long they have left.

You’ll Fall in Love

The love you give to an older dog comes back to you tenfold. Witnessing the transformation of an unwanted shelter dog into a happy, confident, loved pet will change your life forever. Imagine a dog never feeling fear, hunger, or abandonment ever again — that’s what you’ll do for them.

You’ll Have Much Less Work

Older dogs are often housebroken and can hold it for hours longer than a puppy can. Plus, they’re no longer teething! While puppies require near constant attention, older dogs are aged to perfection.

Please take our word for it and adopt one of our dogs.